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The museum was established to preserve and inherit a country's politics, culture, society, and lifestyle. Today's museum has expanded its functions to include the educational sector, aiming to grow into a cultural complex center through concerts, theater drama, and opera stages. That's why museum is called 'a barometer to gauge the level of a city or a country's culture'. Museum of our times takes a regional centerpiece role by providing exhibition service, traditional and cultural education and family-oriented cultural places.

Public access to the museum is expanding through its active membership-based residential participation and volunteer activities.

The Incheon Association of Museums was established with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness
and capability of museums in Incheon Metropolitan City through mutual cooperative relations in this rapidly
changing era. Now, the development and management of museums do not belong to the founders alone.
With your interest in and support for our museums, they will continue to develop into a lively center of
Incheon. We hope that you remain interested in Incheon's museums in the years to come.
Thank you.


It represents the central lighthouse, representing its aims of promoting and creating the cultural resources of Incheon via the development of local culture and cooperation between Association members. It is also of Palmido Lighthouse, Korea’s first lighthouse . The colored area surrounding the logo represents solidarity and the reconciliation of Association members. The logo expresses the desire of the Association to grow into a lighthouse that brightens the path of Incheon’s cultural